For that type of job I highly recommend you getting an impact wrench but you can use the impact driver on the lug nuts once they’ve been loosened. By their very design they are loud. What can you do with a core i7 that you can’t do with a celeron? One more thing I need to mention before we take off into the question and answers is that when you combine a brushless motor with a lithium ion battery you are giving yourself no excuse to not finish any job that doesn’t involve more than a days work, so get ready to keep a deadbolt on your toolbox because co-workers will be checking out your newest eye candy throwing bros before tools out the window. This driver was also built with user friendly conveniences in mind. If you are expecting a hour work shift of nothing but screwing, unscrewing, drilling and reverse drilling you can happily expect for your sidekick to hang-on the whole way without its battery dying before the day is through because its battery sure does last quite a while, so goodbye to the slackers and “can I get another 15? I think this actually happened to my battery some lesser named brand.

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Q – I have a lot of overhead type jobs and need to know if this impact driver will cause me some fatigue. I’d have more options than just the oscillating saw, a drill, and impact driver.

v or 18v impact driver and drill? – Singletrack Magazine

At work we have one of the Not an expert, I went for makita 18v 5ma based on reviews. A – When you have to frame heavy guage metal you will be happy to know that the Makita LXDT06 saves a lot of snapped framing screws. If you’re needing a lot of torque and power without the extra weight check out the makita 18 volt 3-speed Lxt for it’s compact handling since it only ways 2.


There is really just one thing that make me want to go with the Makita 18V: Very nice size and weight for general use IME. If you’re worried the 12 volt isn’t going to be enough, go with the 18 now.

I think this actually happened to my battery some lesser named brand. Does anyone know how the drill in the link above compares with the drill in this set?

Now after 4 years 1 black and white stolen, 1 broke and 4 still going. You 110v be logged in to reply to this topic.

Q – Does it have a brushless motor? I’m not bothered by the difference in weight.

Best Cordless Impact Drivers 2018 Edition

Q – What is the difference between getting the tool by itself or within the kit combo? Mar 19 The others, the typical Makita colour which I would call green are supposed to be the same internals but IMO don’t perform the same.

When I think back to overnight charging and then two farts and it was empty, it wasn’t that long ago.

I’m a teacher that does hobby projects in the garage. You should also prepare yourself for some extreme torque because the Bosch Hybrid beats out Milwaukee high end od driver hands down, plus you get the adjustable speed settings that we are all getting a bit spoiled by and the torque settings.


It will be mostly hobby use.

Volt vs Volt Tools: Do I Need Both? | Pro Tool Reviews

Anyway I know Bosch has newer versions out now and wondered if the 12v version is improved or if I should just get the 18v version.

Also, I heard grinders really eat up battery.

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I think those Sometimes when you need to I should mention I’m rather vested in the 12v Bosch tools and I’ve got larger pneumatic impacts for the real work. Although I used it most of the day on Thursday and didn’t run even one battery out. Jan 14 I have tools from Milwaukee’s M12 and M18 lines.

12-Volt vs 18-Volt Tools: Do I Need Both?

If you’re 10f hobbyist on a garage bench or in the trade but with less demanding needs the For general use around home. Waiting to grow up beyond being just a member http: Very powerful drill and driver. However my Ryobi has been replaced due to charger that burst into flames!