I hope you find this info to be helpful to you and if you have any other computer or tech. Main Window Windows 7. Stay away from iPods, start small and inexpensive. Please check the frequently asked questions RockboxUtilityFaq page before asking for help. It has the radio as a bonus. If the disk is full and Rockbox needs disk space, there will be errors. The only risk is when flashing the bootloader.

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Very annoying when speakers are 2007–10-18 to the player. It is a simple item, but the number of times you hit the Home button suggests that it might wear out quickly. It just goes to the rec screen. I just brought it up so that the idea can be there, so he doesn’t accidentally code it into impossibility if it isn’t already.

Yet another iPod manager – Forum

Since WordPress has a 50MB space limit for images uploaded to the blog, I was looking for a place to host my galleries. This player is by far the best bang-for-your-buck i have ever seen and it puts the I-pod to shame easily without breaking the bank. I really need to do that soonish before RL occupies all my time and I’m waiting for internet access.


Oct 18, But you’ll also need to rebuild gcc with the multilib changes I emailed the dev mailing list about – to enable building of an armv5 libgcc. But “memory” refers to RAM, not disk space. No, ignore that, playback is broken – the wps is moving 20007-10-18 I’m just getting silence.

Quit DataGhost Read error: I’ve had mine for 2 years I gave one to my teenage niece also with no problems. Hmm, the sim threading seems to act up after a while in mpegplayer when frame limiting is disabled. Microsoft’s Zune media player is shown for the first time to the media in Redmond, Washington September 14, Sorry, there was a problem flagging this post.

iPod Classic hit with endless disk-spinning bug?

I have two, one is a MotoRokr set of sunglasses with external controls and the other a set of earpods so I don’t have to ‘wear my sunglasses at night’. I give up making sense of GCC. I don’t think it’s impossible I don’t because I opod way more than enough of local radio with all of the lovely commercials every 5 minutes. IRC Ping timeout “.

Also, you can’t read the meta data or sometimes longer 2007-10-1 names or at least I haven’t figured out how. I tested again with all dsp stuff off, but nothing. Again, the software you use will be important because some software is easier to work with than others. For all intensive purposes lets say that 1 Gigabyte can hold songs and pictures. In case someone is interested in the patch to gather those stats: They can always go in the manual if someone really wants to know.


Imho rockbox shouldn’t fail on wrongly tagged 22007-10-18, it should just skip them, but not evaluate them. The twinkling pixels bug doesn’t exist on the G5.

The simple block move is obviously used most, and half-pixel motion isn’t used much is it used at all in elephants dream? Is there some other object besides a mutex? TheDarkOneno, the ipods can sometimes get themselves in to a state where they have too low battery levels to do anything. This means you can load tons of albums on multiple cards and pop them in depending on what you feel like listening to, if it isnt already on your player. The other says Previous: It also tells you how to start the original firmware.

If 2007-0-18 understood anything at programming I’d have a look.