For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. And when connecting our load, if the device is polarity-sensitive, such as LEDs and buzzers are, the anode terminal must be connected to the positive voltage, while the cathode end connects to the drain terminal. I’m not sure what you’re asking. TomSand because the gate is so high impedance, even just the noise from your finger can be enough to turn it on. Decreased temperature further down to C.

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Using a 2N7000 LED indicator, will it not load down an input?

The STP55 needs about 80 to nC gate charge. Decreased temperature further down to C.

Know the distinction between a voltage-controlled device and a current-controlled device. To participate you need to register. Remember, one voltage is to turn on the transistor and the other voltage is to power the load once the transistor has been turned on. Since they are working very comfortably on breadboard, I don’t blame the ESD here because the environment would be similar esd wise.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

How to Build an N-Channel MOSFET Switch Circuit

Basically there are no other components. Fizz OK, I removed that statement from the answer, since it’s not relevant after the last question edit anyway. Using a 2N is, as a first approximation, just like using a BJT to switch a load. I don’t know why you can’t connect its gate to ground.


I solder at degrees Celcius and in the last 30 years I do not remember destroying a component by soldering it for too long.

Searching for “transistor switch” turns up a few million tutorials, but here’s the brief version:.

2n700 Articles Top Articles Search resources. Many other FETs add a Zener to the gate. Sign up using Facebook. So you basically need to make sure “link 2” to ground is connected to keep the 2N off.

2n driving an LED – CircuitLab

Media New media New comments Search media. I have killed and diagnosed and had to replace at least 5 FETs while doing hobby projects at home without any ESD equipment. Yeah, I’ll add a diagram now.

What resistance does the LED series resistor have in your schematic? You are probably right Is it possible 27n000 get the wrong transistor and package it with the wrong name by accident?

One annoying thing with using 2Ns on pic outputs is that they float when set to input. Bence Kaulics 5, 10 23 The drain terminal is where we connect our output device that we want to power.


Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Include a schematic instead of describing it in text, edit your question and use the build-in schematic drawing tool. It does not need current. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. I’m fairly sure that I’m not a source of ESD as I’m grounding myself throughout the soldering process, before and after.

arduino – 2N connection diagram – Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange

If you are using a 6V DC motor or buzzer, then you connect 6V to the drain terminal. Are you sure about the components and voltage levels being the same on breadboard and perf board? Forums New posts Search forums. And regarding the accepted answer, according to Infineon p. The gate terminal is where we connect at about 3V to power on the transistor to make it turn on.