Basically it protects should, at least heads from unwanted movements when HSA is in parking area. If motor controller chip is burned it’s better to find a new pcb and swap ic U Perhaps I’ll buy some donor with a good motor chip for few bucks and try to replace the motor controller, or in the trash can it goes So now the question of the year is Hello, Just wanted to make a progress report.

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The VCM may also be disabled without disabling spindle operation idle mode.

LDIC Storage Products

Any material to read and opinions are welcome. The speed control of SPM isacts ad speed controller and it’s output becomes spindle motods current set point. Just a piece of steel with rubber cord for dust protection.

This hole called Breath hole. HSA stoppers may have different construction but there are always two of them and they always present on modern HDDs.

From the inside Breath hole closed by Breath filter to make air clean and dry. The case itself called Base. Let’s take closer look on each part of HSA.


Spindle and VCM Driver. Let’s see the breath filter closer.

2x Smooth L7251 3.1 Spindle Motor VCM Controller St Microelectronics Chip

These grooves help a slider fly on the certain height. Hard Disk Spkndle voice coil Abstract: Previous 1 2 Let me know if you are interested.

It called the preamplifier or preamp. Let’s take it out.

This fellow is the most power consumption chip on PCB. Since I do not have any special tools or other Ideas I’m gonna leave things for now such as they are, my post is for reference for those looking to handle things themselves. And the breath hole located right under the breath filter.

As you can see part of the platter covered with the Dumper.

There is also small almost unnoticeable hole on HDA. The drive is detected by the OS but it cannot report anything. Shock sensor can detect excessive shock applied on a drive and send signal to VCM controller. HSA has precision bearing to make movements nice and smooth. One contact is for ground, other two for read and write elements.


L Datasheet(PDF) – STMicroelectronics, 5V & 12V SPINDLE AND VCM MOTORS DRIVER

Mltors flyback clamp and emergency head retract power supply. Then it waits a while and spins up again, click click and gives up and repeat. You may have just registered here and may need to participate more to be able to use this feature. When power is lost, the stored kinetic energy in the spidle can be used to power the VCM andthe upper rail voltage to the spindle and VCM drivers VMOT and the head retract circuit’s supply.

Now let’s remove PCB and see electronic components on the other side. Thank you for the replies, I’ll think about it. We are sorry, but you are not authorised to use this mltors. You can see the second platter and the second dumper. There is the other HSA stopper.