These are the best numbers we’ve seen on a PDA indicating that We tested it with the Plantronics Pulsar which is both a wireless headset and stereo headphones in one and it worked perfectly, streaming all audio including tap and beeps to the headphones as well as music from Windows Media Player Mobile. That’s a good capacity battery, though not the highest among Pocket PC phones. Pocket PC phones are typically clunky and unwieldy, so we were expecting the same of the , but we found the smart phone’s design to be quite manageable. Processor speed is doubled, the camera is up from 1.

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All is not lost if you’re not in a 3G area, the device has WiFi The large size of the keys makes them easier to hit, particularly for those who may have large fingers.

How we’ve waited to say this about a smartphone camera– it’s quite good. Both models have the same cingylar but the d-pad and arrangement of the buttons surrounding the d-pad are styled differently see photo, right. I have only two complaints about the keyboard. My other phones usually get four here. That doesn’t mean you’ll be wearing out that Fn key dialing numbers; cingilar all Windows Mobile Pocket PC phones, the has an on-screen dialer cimgular large number keys you can press with a finger.

The addition of 3G support is unlikely to single-handedly woo many users of the HTC Wizard, save for those to whom Internet speed is absolutely critical. All content posted on TechnologyGuide is granted to TechnologyGuide with electronic publishing rights cingukar perpetuity, as all icngular posted on this site becomes a part of the community.


That’s a good capacity battery, though not the highest among Pocket PC phones. Hugely loud and clear! The is several hundred dollars cheaper if you’re buying it with a new or renewed 2 year contact. The Note 9 is a terrific phone, but Samsung is clearly holding cingula for We had no trouble gaming on the device but did prefer the TyTN’s button arrangement and the Cingular ‘s d-pad alas, we can’t mix and match.

The bubbly keys are tactile and large, and the backlighting is bright enough for typing in dark environments. Though these cards are annoyingly small, but HTC feels that they will be the new standard for phones, and thus incorporated them in their most recent PDA phones and smartphones. Range with the Pulsar was an impressive 30 feet– if you go out of range the music stops and once you get back in range the music pipes through again.

Cingular 8525

I strongly prefer this keyboard thanks to the larger keys and good feel. The mobile world might finally get exciting again in While they don’t have as rich a feature set as their desktop counterparts, they’re more than adequate for work on the go. The keys are backlit in blue and that backlight is triggered by a light sensor on the keyboard.

Early versions of the Hermes O2 XDA Trion and the first TyTNs had problems with screen alignment and a stylus that was too stiff to telescope easily and prone to falling out.

That includes surfing the web for 45 minutes per day on 3G or WiFi, having Bluetooth on, talking about 20 minutes per day, using Cibgular and Office apps, watching a few short videos, playing several rounds of Bejeweled 2 and manually checking email 6 times per day. Applications launch quickly and run well, including demanding games. For memory expansion the has a MicroSD slot conveniently located on the lower left side.


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Compared to their MS Smartphone counterparts they’re more easily customizable and there’s a great selection of 3rd party software to extend both business and pleasure use. Similar to the trademark BlackBerry scroll wheel, it lets you browse through the various menu options and applications while depressing it to select an item.

If you won’t be using the phone and PDA features for several days you can press and hold the power button for 2 seconds to turn the device completely off otherwise it cingylar, as with all Pocket 825 PDAs.

As you do this, the screen automatically rotates to landscape mode, giving you something half-way between a micro-laptop design and a Blackberry. The keyboard slider mechanism is firm, and the device is too new to tell if it will loosen over time. Above the display you’ll find buttons that launch e-mail and IE and these are very organically designed and integrated into the device’s front face they don’t scream “I’m a button!

The camera can take JPEG photos in a variety of resolutions xxxx and x and can shoot video and MMS video in MP4 format. We’ve changed, we promise. In fact that’s 2 to 3 times faster than the Wizard family of devices.

Video quality is just average with some loss of sync at higher resolutions and blockiness. The excellent keyboards on each are identical.

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