It doesn’t affect cooling ability of the device but makes it looking more interesting. We’ll see for how long ATI will be able to keep up with its competitor. The operation was flawless even in x at 85 Hz. While the GeForce2 Ti offers average performance at a very low price, the GeForce3 Ti was an instant crowd pleaser because its performance is quite close to the regular GeForce3 and costs approximately half the price. Production of such models is just a marketing trick taking into account that the whole GeForce3 family is going to die soon the GeForce4 Ti line will press them out quicker than games are going to need MBytes of memory. It is done to make operation of the cards more stable as the memory works at a very high frequency – MHz.

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However, a set of accessories is quite scanty.

Results 1 to 6 of 6 Thread: Production of such models is just slluro marketing trick taking into tu that the whole GeForce3 family is going to die soon the GeForce4 Ti line will press them out quicker than games are going to need MBytes of memory.

To ensure that the Radeon would not steal a large chunk of their market share, that same day nVidia announced the latest addition to their product lineup; the GeForce3 Ti Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon’s website. The tests revealed that such memory size is not needed yet.


Although, considering that the Ti cards are equipped with the chips which don’t not bf3 stably at MHz and, thus, do not suit Tithere is nothing to be surprised at. I think it all depends on what your preferences are.

Today we are going to test it again in comparison with equal solutions. But bear in mind that 2D quality much depends on a sample of the card and on its friendliness towards ziluro monitor. I’m sure the gf4 titanium is a lot better than the Radeon or in some circumstances.

They can’t handle a lot of the silueo that the titanium cards can do. I have never heard of Siluro. Production of such cards is a pure marketing step.

Is it a gable to buy this card, or am I more than likely able tor ecieve tech support and drivers? In closing, I’d like to advise you to read also other reviews of GeForce3 based video cards.

If you do hi the gf3, go for the titanium and not the mx cards.

The time now is The Gainward’s package is traditional. As usual, I give you a list of articles related silruo the GeForce3 family.

Abit Siluro Ti200DVI Graphics Card Review

The mx cards are more for the basic or mainstream gamers. The operation was flawless even in x at 85 Hz. Would you reccomend it? The upper heatsink of silurro memory is made longer, it covers one memory chip of the vertical row, and the side heatsink is made shorter. Secondly, the price gap between 64 MBytes and MBytes cards is quite narrow, that is why siluto can attract more buyers for GeForce3 Ti products.


You can visit Abit here. Though with such excellent overclocking results all these functions work at their highest level without damaging the quality!

The PCB has dark brown textolite and a silvery cooler: Pentium4 get-up Socket The Gainward’s card has the 4. The overclocking results are not the obligatory characteristics of a video card. VSync was off, S3TC was off. How does it compare with others with similar specs With DVI! Your best bet would be to shop around siludo www.

Abit Siluro TiDVI Graphics Card Review

But now the designers decided to make a flower of it. Leadtek WinFast GeForce3 Ti MBytes For the Titanium series Leadtek has a new style of a package which looks very attractive taking into account that the boxes for different families differ in color.

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