The card does support VIVO. At the highest resolution, x which you can see at the top of the graph, the GeForce4 MX gets beaten handily by the GeForce3. In closing, I’d like to advise you to read also other reviews of GeForce3 based video cards. The card ships in a Retail package which includes: The GeForce3’s higher fillrate and memory bandwidth are responsible for the increase here. The TV-Out however was good quality and I had no problems watching a couple of my Region 1 disks that don’t work on my standalone player, using this card. It’s purely about getting the best spread of cost and performance onto the market and NV17 does that better than NV

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We can only recommend the Abit if you’re a gamer on a budget. Performance I’ll take a look at card performance from a few angles. Soon we will publish the next review of other GeForce4 MX cards.

Review: ABIT Siluro GF4 MX – Graphics –

As with recent Hexus reviews, I’ll combine as much information as is possible onto the graphs so that you get all the information without trawling through a mountain of pictures.

Watch out for silurp. It comes with an adapter-splitter which makes possible to connect video signal receivers and sources to the card: VSync was off, S3TC was off.

Thirdly they are touting the integrated TV display logic as the best in its class, offering output to television at up to x resolution. The card features a large silver GPU heatsink with active fan cooling built in giving the GPU some potential for decent overclocking.


Abit Siluro GF4 MXX – graphics card – GF4 MX – 64 MB Overview – CNET

The card simply doesn’t have the features to do all that’s required for running the shader functions in hardware. We’ll see that in our benchmarks.

By reading this site you agree to our cookie policy. Overall, silhro good performer for the price but nothing special and not recommended. Return to Castle Wolfenstein Multiplayer Checkpoint, High Quality Modes The tests were carried out in bit color mode at the highest detailing and quality level of textures. Every time Leadtek releases a new product it surprises with new unusual cooler designs: And they are cheaper than the GeForce2 Ti cards were in the beginning.

NV17 is slower than NV20 yet in marketing terms, it’s being promoted as being ‘better’ simply due to the GPU brand name being 1 unit more than GeForce3.

After writing for a few different sites that went under, it’s nice to bring back a site that’s not dependent on revenue and just wants to deliver news and reviews of products.

Test results The 2D quality is on the level of the GeForce3 video cards.

Abit Siluro GF4 MX440-8X – graphics card – GF4 MX 440 – 64 MB

These cards are cheap and as long as you don’t expect too much from them, they’ll server you well. It does a number 40 clever things such as optimising memory accesses by splitting them up into smaller chunks so that less bandwidth is wasted and more can be put to good use. The most recent game in our series of tests, UT2K3 is the latest first person shooter from Epic games. And the TV-out quality is excellent: The measly increase when overclocked is due to the CPU being made to do all the work that the card cannot.


Traditionally, we start a new cycle of reviews of GeForce4 MX based video cards. But bear in mind that 2D quality much depends on a sample of the card and on its friendliness towards a monitor.

In the high resolution test at x, the Abit gets a hammering by the GeForce3 Ti which simply has more fillrate and available memory bandwidth and pull away by over twice the score the Abit can muster. Besides, the competition of GeForce4 MX vs GeForce3 Ti is ambiguous as the former can outperform the latter but it doesn’t have a full support of the DirectX 8.

Stable overclocks are obviously preferable to absolute on the limit clocks.

We used the four. The design differs from the reference one only in the hardware monitoring support which the Leadtek’s card is equipped with below you can compare it with the MSI cards based on the reference design. Siluuro, the card’s lacking for software for optimization of the Video In. With Quake3 being an older engine, created before the advent of DirectX 8.

Write a comment below. The GeForce3’s higher fillrate and memory bandwidth are responsible for the increase here. Finally in our look at game performance we isluro Serious Sam 2: