The average brightness is just only For this reason, you may want to appear up the listing of suitable os outlined under before downloading the Acer TravelMate driver below this content. Acer’s TravelMate TG tries to reduce the power consumption independently in battery mode. The GeForce M can only cope with the fantasy adventure, Risen, in the lowest settings. Looking at the alpha-numeric keys’ mechanical traits, a fairly short stroke length, a low pressure resistance and a clear, fairly abrupt stop is noticeable. Furthermore, the 90 W power adapter is sufficiently sized for the maximum measured power consumption of

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Such a case will hardly turn up in practical use, so the temperature rates will be more or less lower, depending on the load, in routine use. In the area of the J, K, L keys you can occasionally even hear a creaking when typing vigorously.

Acer TravelMate 8572T Series

Desktop performance for Windows Aero. The desktop’s stability is significantly larger when looking up.

A common hard disk with a gross capacity of gigabytes is built-in as the mass memory. Even the weight of 2. The adventure is no longer smoothly playable with that. The display bezel partly yields considerably under selective pressure, whereby image changes turn up on the activated screen.


The bottom gets very hot with peak rates of almost 50 degrees Celsius. On the one side, you gain a few pixels of width in comparison to, for example, the standard 4: The keys are completely flat and the distance to the neighboring keys small.

Conexant High Definition Audio driver free download for windows – Acer – TravelMate T

Do not overlook to supply feedback on changes to the blog. The arrow keys have turned out a bit too small.

Travelkate frame rates are still possible with up to medium details in the majority of demanding 3D games. It has a matt – that is travdlmate AR-coated – surface compliant to its intended professional use. It’s easy to set it up with the Acer Bios Protection software and to then on replace password entering with a more comfortable fingerprint scanning.

Existing power disruptions, viruses or other pc issues can harm your Acer TravelMate Driver.

An infected or missing driver could have activated this. A core rate drop could be recorded repeatedly for moments with the Tavelmate tool, but it doesn’t come to a performance throttling. Apart from the fact that docking stations simplify the integration of a the laptop into an existing work environment, the EasyPort IV also offers a significant extension to the otherwise sparse connectivity on the device itself, and that is a digital video interface.

We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. Accordingly longer battery runtimes can be expected with it. The maximum runtime was also executed with the BatteryEater tool, but with the Reader’s Test. Acer’s energy management, however, tries to select the optimal settings independently in battery mode and often does that quite determinedly.


We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. The horizontal viewing angles turn out to be generous, as usual. Reading a text with minimum display brightness, disabled wireless modules and energy savings profile is simulated here.

The graphic card’s temperature already increases within a short time. Contrast-rich, legible labeling of the interfaces. This means that you have to scroll sooner ttavelmate more frequently in prevalently vertically aligned office applications. The screen is disappointing in terms of the evaluated data.

The TravelMate can only achieve In the test with Cinebench R10 ‘s 64 bit version, the device achieves points in the single rendering and points in the multi rendering.

The device’s performance can be fairly well adapted to current performance, or rather battery life requirements. Memory operations per second.