I didn’t realize that they were going to have adjustable face angle, loft etc as well as length. Whether your looking for the latest and greatest Golf Ball technology or just a great deal, we have what you need! In terms of forgiveness the blows the D away. Now this golfspy review about the has me wondering if I was just having a really awful swing day when I tried to hit the last week. I swing slower than most and wondered if my swing speed was why I could not poke it out past yards. I think it will do great. But that D was a great driver.

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I am a good little golf consumer that way… Mike.

AL 8 years ago. At least to my eye. The notion that a sky mark is daams only a hack might do is funny too. The same cannot be said for Callaway, Taylor Made, or Nike.

While neither myself nor anyone else who hit the LS for us can honestly claim it gives us 15 or speevline 10 more yards, most of our testers did find it to be at least 5 yards longer than their current driver. I’m amazed at how they get things in the pipeline, tested, and to the marketplace so quickly.

Adams Golf Speedline 9064LS Drivers

If you searched for discount golfgolf swinggolf fitnessSun Mountain speed cart, Clicgear cartor junior golf clubsyou’re on the right site. If so how does it stack up against the competition? The contact of ball feels good and sounds great. MTW 8 years ago. I since revamped my tempo as I discovered I was way off tempo at the top.


With such a good review of thedo you plan on reviewing the new F11 driver?


The is now in my bag and having played my first round this week with it I can say if you in the audience do not test this club against what you currently are hitting or thinking about buying you would be doing yourself a great disservice.

When testing irons I found the Adams to be one of the better irons along with Wilson Staffs. Thanks for the pictures.

Thankfully Adams has replaced the teal with black. After reading all the great reviews on the Adams ls driver, I had to buy one this is my honest opinion… I have gone through alot of drivers recently and ended up with a Ping g15 Serrano shaft which is a fairway finder but i have found this club up to yards shorter than my old King cobra s91 pro s which was a beast of a driver but i couldnt controll it and it was wrecking my score card… Bought the Adams ls and fell in love with the lookshaft, sound of the club pretty much every thing.

Steered away from other clubs by ego — the name. Then a young pro put me on a machine, indoors, then suggested we go to an outdoor range. Based on speevline above, you would be correct. Thanks for taking the time to come back and let all the readers know your results. Duffy Hacker, on 03 August – I was thinking the RIP shaft was too much for my driver swing speed 90ish mph, I swing my irons at avg 79 mph. Sakman, on 03 August – The very best to ya….



Then most hit their driver. GolfWRX – the world’s largest and best online golf community. Dan, who normally misses the centerline by somewhere in the neighborhood of 22 yards, found that number improved to 16 yards with the Adams. Low-Mid X 2. P shaft in mine and was wondering if i should of got a heavier shaft.

I know, you give out high marks very rarely and only when they are due. As far as our subjective scoring is concerned, not everyone is going to agree what looks good, what sounds good, spwedline what feels good; except all of our testers did.

Would it be out of the question for a 64 year old with a driver swing speed of about 84 mph to use this beast? The only thing that has me turned away at the moment is the Aldila shaft that comes stock. Golf Footwear is our specialty at BudgetGolf.