This is a one time slave command for 11 seconds. If authentication is enables it first discovers a partner, tries to pair with it and makes a connection. To turn it on, do the following: See our applications section to see a real-world applications of the AIRcable Serial5. Every AIRcable Serial5 module is now shipped with a free null-modem adapter that is used to convert the male serial plug to a female serial plug and a USB-power plug cable. The AIRcable Serial5 is our, next-generation serial product, designed for optimizing serial-to-Bluetooth connections.

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Use “K1” to disable hardware handshake and “K0” to enable hardware handshake. I have a Air Cable brand Bluetooth USB to serial adapter I need to get working many end users of the previous version of the software have this and use it.

AIRcable SerialWiFi

This way you can move between scanners without changing the configuration. The advantage to this is that it does not require pairing or bonding with the other end. Connect as master command. Set name to AIRcable, name has to be exactly ssrial characters, fill up with space if required name is shorter.

Port opened by process.

On one device press aircbale pairing button again short click to change the mode to master. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. See power plug information. Once a connection is established, the command line interface is no longer available since all input and output is routed through transparently to the other end.


AIRcable USB5

The process will take a few seconds during which the AIRcable will not respond to any commands. Data mode by default is 8 bit, no parity, one stop bit.

List of Commands for the Command Line Interface. Odd parity, 1 stop bit, external switches enabled.

[PATCH][RFC] Add AIRcable USB Bluetooth Dongle Driver

The name has to be exactly 8 characters long. Every AIRcable SerialWifi is shipped with a free null-modem adapter that is used to convert the male serial plug to a female serial plug and a USB-power plug cable.

It is a 3 digit decimal value with leading zeros to this formula: Each module has one power LED green which shows that the firmware is running correctly and a connection LED blue that shows the status of a connection. Any help, ideas would be greatly appreciated! It uses the PIN number configured.

WiFi requires quite a bit more power than our Bluetooth modules, and your serixl should be able to provide up to mA. I have no trouble with continuous communication with the device using these two ways at all. Preconfigured and Ready for Action. Cable Mode In cable-mode, two AIRcable devices are paired together and create a connection with one another so no other device can interfere.


Use the authentication, profiles, pin number and name configured before. Disable authentication but keeps the PIN number if another device asks for it. I have all the comms working fine with a regualr serial port and a USB to serial adapter. Display the services enabled, it is a hex number that is or’d from these services: Down airvable off or ‘0’. The command has to be completed within 3 seconds.

Web Server Configure it as a full dynamic web server. First letter is parity: Source code for all firmware versions and tools are available on Github.

The firmware update tools use that to reset the processor seriial. Use the command line interface to change into these modes. This is a one time slave command for 11 seconds.