Well, I’ve finally managed it to compile and was able to build the image with recompiled kernwl. Note that if you are forwarding ports so you can run a program on a device other than your computer then you can enter your device’s IP address into that box instead. I just plug provider’s cable into one of 4 LAN ports. By the way, what is the problem? I’ve heard smth about mrouted or igmpproxy..

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Easiest Way to Forward Ports on the Asus WL-530G Router

Here’s how you do it. To test if your port has been properly forwarded, you can use our Network Utilities tool, which includes a free Open Port Checker.

Anyway, thanks for this tool! The basic process to open a port is: I honestly don’t remember. Using a debian minimal distro on vmware I could uncramfs the rootfs, enable telnet and cramfs it again.

In the picture above the address bar has All your family members, even PDAs, wireless media devices can to enjoy the convenience of IP sharing from different location in your home. Starting from the first page in your router:. Compact in Size, Rich in Functionality Asus WLg completely changes the perception that wireless devices have to bulky.


Thanks for support and researches, anyway. For what it is worth: I’ll try to use any chance to do that: All-in-all incredible value for euro When you use Network Utilities you get your port forwarded right now!

ASUS WLG – wireless router – b/g – desktop Overview – CNET

Sorry for answering my own post. It sucks that the V2 device’s WiFi performance is so much worse. The debian environment had a working compile system for an asus wl-hdd so I used mkcramfs that came with that GPL code. I don’t even have a dev environment set up, so will likely leave this up to someone else.

However, I believe there were some occasional issues due to the asuus memory constraints on this platform. I suppose that Code: So asus changed a lot for V2.

Anyway, i would give a try to make one, so hints would be appreciated! By the way, what is the problem? In the end of. Now i can route multicast only if I use gv2 as a switch: You need to retrieve the asua offsets in the firmware image header, as they may be different than the v1.


I started to add support, but didn’t finish it.

ASUS WLg – WikiDevi

When you’re finished, click Apply near the bottom of the screen to save your changes. Is it possible to add support for Asus wlg aaus firmware in Firmware Modification Kit? We also have the following related guides: With no-MMU, memory must be allocated in contiguous blocks, and can’t be shared.

Quoted network speeds and bandwidth based on current IEEE It enables NAT routing wl-530b it detects that a signal exists on the wan port.

I think you should PM jeremy.