I had it plugged into a powered hub so I cannot say if it works connected directly to the pi. The problem seems to be related to the release build whereas when loading the debug build of the OS it works fine. Reply Reply as topic. Unzip in USB Flash drive and plug in to the device. Yes, every Ethernet device must have a unique MAC address. But it will take awhile and meentime I have to get rid of this stupid consumer router from my ISP. I adaprer tried to google it and found one other post from here saying that it was detected but didnt work correctly.

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Therefore, asus usb 2. Windows platforms generally apply a generic driver that allows motherboards to recognize the Ethernet component.

USB register states that it draws max. This only supports USB1.

AX88772B — Low-Power USB 2.0 to 10/100M Fast Ethernet Controller

Adding a 2nd Ethernet controller of the same type is as simple as adding a few registry keys: These generic drivers may have been modified by the electronics manufacturer to suit a particular product. All the functions were working properly, except it showed some problem when. Then open a support incident with MS. This feature is not compatible with other modules in the Colibri family. Did anybody else face this problem? Configuring ax88772h static IP address is not working either.


Embedded Ethernet ICs

Hi all, I had written one miniport driver for the Devicom usb to ethernet device dm Has anybody any idea what could be wrong? Could the problem be related to some registry settings?

The hardest part was in fact getting the Linux source code required, because the repositores contained the source for the nis2 kernel version. As a convenience to you, on this page dnis2 provide you with all the drivers that are currently available. Remember to perform a system reboot once done, to allow all changes to take effect properly. No, it a88772b on the real requirement of your AXB target application. The driver for the chipset Asix AX included with the Raspbian kernel v 3.

Help us improve MSDN. The problem seems to be related to the release build whereas when loading the debug build of the OS it works fine. To enable the second Ethernet interface the following entries should be added to the device registry.

The PCI drivers can certainly be loaded at boot to displace the in kernel driver. We could also isolate the problematic dll’s – afd.


Device is not getting IP address by DHCP

However, in order to nsis2 use of all network card adapter features, you must install a proper LAN driver that enables the asus usb 2. Can you share the registry settings? What is the reference Ethernet transformer of the AXB demo board? NET using Platform Builder. There are 2 free support incidents with your purchase of Platform Builder or at least this used to be the case until WCE6, can ad88772b confirm this is still true for WEC7?

Sounds like a good case for a Microsoft Support Incident.

Do I need to develop AXB drivers by myself? How can I implement these dpc routines in wince 6.

Adding another Ethernet port using external USB based Ethernet controller is simple ad88772b implement and will be compatible across the Colibri modules. As a result, your viewing experience asus usb 2. Steve i am able to ping the interface but not access the web configuration if usb to ethernet is used as dthernet interface.