We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Whether you are just getting started with Pinnacle Studio or working in an advanced Avid environment, you’ll quickly see the benefits of having a keyboard with an integrated jog wheel. It’s great to be able to control my video projects with this keyboard. Also, it lets me rest a finger on a key before pressing it without worrying that I might accidently press it before I want to. The best function I’ve seen is one you don’t see.

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I would like to correct them on this as it did have one in the box. You will also learn your application quicker and edit faster with the program-specific, color and icon-coded keycaps.

You will also learn your kyeboard quicker and edit faster with the program-specific, color and icon-coded keycaps.

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Editing your videos has never been easier! Be the first to review this product. We actively monitor the keyblard offered by our competitors daily and adjust our own pricing accordingly.

The Final Cut Pro keyboard is configured for Mac systems. Some small amount of ev would have been nice too. There’s no switching in and out of a keystroke program to get into another program. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.


Giving me the ability to hone in to one frame at a time is great no more close enough now it is perfectly where I want things to be. Maximize Your Productivity Software is included with ksyboard for most popular applications, with additional presets available to download for free. Now in its 3rd generation, the DV Keyboard 3. This comes in handy for applications such as Avid Media Composer and Premiere Pro, which are available for either platform.

Use the NeoLite to illuminate the keyboard or the workspace around it. The two wheels give me frame by frame views and speed my ability to edit.

Plenty of mappable extra keys and the function keys are separated in groups of four unlike standard apple keyboards. You can create your own settings and even have different presets automatically load with each application you use. The F1 help key keyboaed very useful.

Bella DV 3.0 Sony Vegas Performance Keyboard

Pro Tools Mac Alba Keyboard. You can’t ask for more than that. I have ports on the front and back of the case but sometimes I get lazy. Jog shuttle skips frames.

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Productivity is great and I get to release more videos and make more money. You can still see a little difference in color, especially from dark blue to yellow but pink to yellow or orange keys don’t look that different under this light.

Where an item is not physically in stock, the actual delivery time will be extended by the lead time for the product in question. As my company continues to grow and we add more editing work stations we will without a doubt be adding more of these keyboards. One thing about the light; it’s an amber color which is great for low light editing rooms but washes the color of the keys out.


CVP holds a number keybooard different events, everything from product demos to education sessions to make sure you’re using your equipment to its full potential.

I’ve used it now for three weeks and there are no downsides to the DV Keyboard. Also, the light is a goose neck bendable design which is great for putting it exactly where you want it. Details The DV Keyboard 3.

Bella DV Keyboard for Mac and Windows B&H Photo Video

Using keyboard shortcuts while editing will help improve your workflow, making bellq keyboard an excellent addition to your editing system. I have plenty of USB ports on the case but I don’t always want to have to run a cable under the desk to it. Have you found it cheaper?