Press the Set SET button to confirm your selection and return to the previous mode. The flash does not fire. Press and to adjust the values for each. Enter the setup menu and press 2. The left pane contains the Windows Explorer view to which you can drag and drop files from the preview pane in the center of the window. Use to select one of the following; and to select the number of copies you want to print.

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There is insufficient internal mem- Delete the stored image s in ory capacity to store an image. Press the Set SET button once to begin the slide show. See page 13 and page 4. There are four flash settings: Setting the Date and Time Because date and time are stored as metadata with each file recorded by the DCit is important to set this properly.

Press and to select the date imprint setting. To format internal memory, the card must be removed. Locking Files There may be times when you want to make sure that certain photos, movie clips or audio clips are not accidentally deleted. Adjusting this setting in particularly bright or dark environments can improve the quality of the photograph. The file number is incremented automatically by the camera.


Driver BenQ C500

Press and to adjust the values 10 each. Disconnecting the Camera When you are finished, right-click the USB device task bar icon and click to disconnect your camera from the computer.

Movie and audio clips are not played in slide show mode. Press the Shutter button once to begin recording. See page 15 to learn how to format the card.

Enter the setup menu and press to select the Set Date and Time menu icon. Press to zoom closer in steps of x0. See page 13 for information on playing back movie clips.

See page 19 to learn how to download video files to your computer. This chapter shows you how to use and adjust these settings. The LCD Display button has three functions: Use Normal mode if the subject is more than 1. USA, Japan, Canada, format if necessary.

Benq DC3410 Video Camera Device Free Driver Download

Turn the camera off. To prevent files from being deleted from memory, use the lock function. Turn the Mode dial to Playback mode. Open the lens cover.


Press the Shutter button again to stop recording. The image appears in the LCD display. Press and to scroll through the Setup menu. The Snapshot setup menu appears on the display. Recording Movie Clips Remaining audio recording time shown in hours, minutes and seconds. Press and to select the image resolution menu.

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This setting should be used in a fluorescent light environment. Enter the setup menu and press to select the Reset Default menu icon. Enter the setup menu and press to select the Reset Filename menu bsnq.

Delete this image page 13 and take the picture again.