Weighting is low to help you get the ball easily into the air, as well as moving toward the toe to keep the center of gravity away This is a list of the Long Drivers of American conforming clubs for competition from http: In the meantime, I even orient the shaft in putters that I am building new or re-shafting since I believe in the theory and technique. Apparently it’s the first time that component companies have finished at the top. These clubs may bear some resemblance to one or more pro-line clubs, however, these clubs are not advertised, represented, or sold to be clones, copies, or imitations of any club other than the original manufacturer’s. Mellow Yellow cc Driver.

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This seems to be negligible in the case of the clubface directly against the ball as in the fairway or a tight liebut can be significant if grass gets between the clubface and the ball. The new eta is long and straight First off, a backspin imparted on a golf ball will cause the ball to gain loft and stay in the air longer. As the ball spins in the air, it directs more titanjum up over the top of it and then downward behind it. Us mere mortals sure can us this slight advantage!!


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Good condition with normal befa. I purchased this driver from a “golf liquidation” outfit that moves around Florida. Browse Related Browse Related. Last edited by Happy Gilmore; at Penley Lie Angle Club Conditions.

It has a low profiled hitting face that provides more concentration of hitting power on the sweet spot. Research some 40 or 50 years ago showed that there was little effect but still some with cc wooden drivers.

Bang Golf Club Components

The bottom line is that the ownest is on individual golfers shoulders to make sure their equipment is conforming. Or you can have your clubs spined. Bang the longest Driver out there What can we say? Bangster Driver All New in So by the looks of it, they are legal. Bang Golf Refine Results. Anyway, they look really nice Two local boys are at the Worlds in Mesquite this weekend, Mitch and a fellow long driver from up the valley, Curtis “Long Gone Gorrilla” Fiddel, who is also sponsored by Toppoint.


All times are GMT This makes titnaium straighter and greater! The grip is in good used condition with some tackiness. RH 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19 Lofts: The clubs have min It is a highly thought after titanium driver in Gig and has been copied by other companies in China and Korea.

This is an auction for a Bang Golf Mellow Yellow It will include a high quality headcover!

Bang-O-Matic Beta Titanium Driver 460cc Club, Used

First off this head is bi Try it, you’ll like it. Your point is well taken. Last edited by Slammin’ Stever; at The Bangster cc Driver Available Lofts: To point out a handfull of non-conforming heads in comparison to the large amount that are deemed conforming could, although not intentional, scare the general public into thinking all component heads that bare the same company name are illegal.

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