The same remarks as in the Filenames section hold: Afterwards, you can set back your system clock to the current data. Always pop back and let us know the outcome – thanks message edited by Derek. Net is the opinions of its users. Your name or email address: If you can not resolve the jitter errors by applying the tips above, it is probably time to upgrade your CD-ROM drive. You can choose a higher bitrate if you wish.

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If you don’t already have it installed, you can download it here from the official website. Looks like there may be some help here: No, create an account faile. You can download this file here: If you notice your machine becoming abnormally sluggish during the ripping process, there’s something that you can try which might help. Make sure that the CD is clean, dirty discs can cause jitter problems. On my system it’s identical to the one that’s available on the Nero site at time of writing: Want your name in the list?

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This problem has been addressed in CDex 1. Always pop back faiiled let us know the outcome – fxiled message edited by Derek. They might not be the best settings but they work for me. Net cannot verify the validity wnaspi If you ever need to reinstall CDex for any reason, you can just copy this file back into the same folder and your settings will be restored. When the program first opens, the focus is placed in a listview that displays the list of tracks for the disc which is currently in your CD reader.


Now we have read some additional sectors, it is time to actually do the jitter correction.

problem with cdex and wnaspi32.dll

Incidentally, in case you are tempted, it is not a good idea to download from any of the sites that offer to fix. So to set the space replacement character, you have to delete the space character in the edit field and then type the replacement character. Yes, my password is: Furthermore, the overlap and block compare value are restricted, make sure that the sum of the two do not exceed 27 in Version 1.

When it’s done, repeat the procedure for the next disc.

I recall this program – used to have it on my Windows If you have limited user rights and access to an account with Administrator rights select CDex with the right mouse button and select the “Run as In this section you can modify all the settings related to your CD drive. Using the Fraunhofer library is not an option due to licensing issues using the MP3Pro encode rlibrary.

CDEx does not install the dll by default – I’ve checked both systems I use and neither have this file, hence the message about using the alternative instead. Select the Settings entry in the Options menu or press F4 to open the CDex configuration dialogue window.


Finally, navigate to the “CD Drive settings” section. Windows Vista, Amd athlon 1.

To solve this problem, CDex uses a so called jitter correction, which means CDex is not position the laser to the end of the first block, but a few sectors earlier. Also check the Artist, Album, Year and Genre fields. Do you already have an account? In addition you have to fill in the proxy address in the edit field next to the Use Proxy selection box which should be enabled when you’ve selected the Use Proxy option, and maybe have to change the Proxy Port.

This number of overlapping sectors can be entered in the Read Overlap field, this number should loar large enough so there will be enough overlap compensate the miss positioning of the laser. Although 64 might be a good compromise. Furthermore, fauled the CD-Speed to 1 might help to reduce jitter errors you have to do some experimenting to find out what works best with your drive.