With the Turbo-Boost technology, the clocking speeds of the individual core can be modulated according to their respective performance demands and individual cores can be overclocked. As the power pack is only designed for 90 watts , and rated even a bit too low at that, it is no surprise that this can get very hot under load. The touchpad boasts a nice, matt surface with good gliding characteristics. Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 32bit was pre-installed on the E we tested. According to our measurements, the sRGB color space is quite well covered by the panel deployed as can be seen in the pictures below. Dell Latitude E on Ciao.

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Considering the components used, we weren’t surprised by the current consumption. The internal components, CPU and graphic card also heat up significantly. Vertically, apart from the usual dimming when looking from above and overexposure from below, one can also quickly notice color changes. The Latitude E was developed as a machine for business applications and computer games definitely do not belong to its primary functions.

According to our measurements, the sRGB color space is quite well covered by the panel deployed as can be seen in the pictures below.

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Depending on one’s demands, the machine comes with various hardware configurations; for instance also with an independent graphic card and an Intel quad core CPU. The Latitude E is geared toward mid-sized to large businesses.


Dell Tools, displajport Months Warranty. The many options which allow the laptop to be adapted to real-world demands. The user is also here spoilt by choice.

Review Dell Latitude E6510 Notebook

The Thinkpad W mentioned above got and was thus clearly surpassed. Yet in reality, working too far from an outlet is greatly e5610 by the battery life with the 60 Wh standard battery.

Different options are offered depending on the country. Overall, one can be pleased with the construction. With a thin and not too heavy Typical of Dell, a range of configurations are possible which we will discuss in more details in the individual sections displayprt. Depending on the options chosen, the communication configuration is also good to excellent.

The E does not distinguish itself from the majority of the notebook competition in terms of viewing angles. We now come to displaypport runtimes expected in real-life scenarios.

The various movements can be configured in the mouse driver and turned off if necessary. Subjectively, the colors seem well-contrasted and lifelike despite the matt surface of the display.

One will likely want to work with a left-handed external mouse as warm air is constantly blown out of the ventilation duct, even at idle. Verdict In typical Dell fashion, the elegant Latitude E can be configured to the personal diisplayport of the user as far as possible. Why this is so will be explained in the section on current consumption. It is seldom that the fan starts up for several minutes.


A German layout is of course configurable. The stable display frame also hardly gives under pressure. The palm rests, especially the right one, and the loudspeaker grill do, however, yield somewhat to pushing pressure.

This is where the disadvantage of the thin case makes itself shown as the air circulation is limited due to space considerations.

Headset, microphone, Card Reader: The fact that the frame rates are below that of comparable notebooks, as is shown in the Quadro NVS M, could be due to the excessive heating under load and a possible throttling. Opening and closing the laptop with one hand is no problem.

Of course the performance of the mass memory used contributes significantly to the overall performance of a computer system. We did, however, measure a maximum consumption of It is not just the underside which heats up a lot.