You must be logged in to post a comment. It is a Vostro running XP Pro. It leads me to believe I have MB problems. You are a life saver. To make sure that your device is bootable, check the device documentation. Machine runs so much faster than crappy vista.

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The disk the manufacturer provides may have the AHCI drivers preloaded.

How to Install Windows XP on a Dell Vostro or Vostro , the Crashless way! | Greenwire®

dll The Intel Storage Manager software was already installed by Dell. I switched to Advanced Mode and saw that both drives were showing the original on Port 0 and the new one on Port 2. I vsotro been trying various combinations since this morning at this last one was the first time the install loaded the drivers from the floppy and completed. To boot to a USB device, the device must be bootable. Does anyone have any idea how to get around that? We learned this from a Cape Coral Computer Repair client.

Vostrp had downloaded all of the Dell drivers from the Dell website onto a usb drive, installed them and I am not having any issues. Thanks for the help.

Thanks so much for the post. I told them before knowing of the issues that XP would be no problem. Intermittent disk detection is usually, but not always, caused by the drive.


The file icon appears on your desktop and is titled the same as the downloaded BIOS update file. I had planned to move my Creative Labs Audigy 2 soundcard and Live Drive drive bay mounted additional inputs including Firewire which I use for my negative scanner from our old system to the new computer.

Enabling RAID 1 on a Dell Vostro | Failure is the Key to Success

I could have tried to hack the case to make it fit, but in the end replaced the sound card with a Creative Labs Audigy 2ZS with external expansion. View April 11, Downloading and installing this driver update corrected the issues I was experiencing. Thanks for the quick response and I appreciate your advice. Jones View full Library. The system setup program screen displays current or changeable configuration information for your computer.

Machine runs so much faster than crappy vista. Cell entry was posted in ComputersHardware and tagged intel matrix storage consoleraidraid 1vostro del In this case, after finding no other answer to the problem, I happen to read for the first time the recommended driver install order published by Dell 2220 link below.

Dell Vostro Can’t install Windows XP [Closed]

You must log in or sign up to reply here. You may have more de,l a chance to diagnose this problem if you use the original hard drive as that will load the SATA drivers at startup. Have you tried running with just one memory module that is if it has more than one.


If you found this article helpful, please link to it from your blog, or vote it on one of the Share and Enjoy links below. We could have replaced the disc, but we shci had other components in it fail in the past year, so its time was up. I am now protected if my system disc fails, ddll is a good place to be. Much easier to just send out Autopatcher CDS to customers.

You 202 use this feature, for example, to tell the computer to boot from the CD drive so that you can run the Dell Diagnostics on the Dell Drivers and Utilities disc, but you want the computer to boot from the hard drive when the diagnostic tests are complete. View August 20, In either case things may not initialize properly or the drive may take longer to come up to speed.

System Setup Program Screens. What happens when you boot, does it show the bios flash screen, can qhci get into the bios setup, dose it get as far as the desktop?