See the OpenVPN 1. In particular, –pull allows the server to push routes to the client, so you should not use –pull or –client in situations where you don’t trust the server to have control over the client’s routing table. These options comprise a standalone mode of OpenVPN which can be used to create and delete persistent tunnels. Since the chroot operation is delayed until after initialization, most OpenVPN options that reference files will operate in a pre-chroot context. The password string can consist of any printable characters except for CR or LF. You are using something

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This is useful if you would like to treat file as a configuration file. This option requires that –disable-occ NOT be used. The connection log looks as follows: If you are using a network link with a large pipeline meaning that the product of bandwidth and latency is highyou may want to use a larger value for n. If you are constructing a VPN over the internet, then replace bob. This can result in a considerably improvement in latency.

If firewalls exist between the two machines, they should be set to forward UDP port in both directions.

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Set prior to –up script execution. The following list shows examples of endpoint pairs which satisfy this requirement. They also provide certified Windows 7 drivers, which otherwise would be refused by the OS.


The default lease time is one year. If the peer cannot be reached, a restart will be triggered, causing the hostname used with –remote to be re-resolved if –resolv-retry is also specified. Repeat this option to set secondary DNS server addresses. The next usables ips will be. It is not used to encrypt or authenticate any tunnel data. Of course this means that every time the OpenVPN daemon is started you must be there to type the password.

In particular, –pull allows the server to push routes to the client, so you should not use –pull or –client in situations where you don’t trust the server to have control over the client’s routing table. To select a certificate, based on a substring search in the certificate’s subject: When the number of output packets queued before sending to the TCP socket reaches this limit for a given client connection, OpenVPN will start to drop outgoing packets directed at this client.

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This is a partial list of options which can currently be pushed: The typical usage of –test-crypto would be something like this: By default n is 64 the IPSec default and t is 15 seconds. This option will ignore –push options at the global config file level.

Each machine will use the tunnel endpoint of the other machine to access it over the VPN. This variable is set just prior to down script execution. Having said that, there are valid reasons for wanting new software features to gracefully degrade when encountered by older software versions. By default, OpenVPN runs in point-to-point tap-ein32 “p2p”.


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The direction parameter requires that file contains a bit key. Use –show-tls to see a list of TLS ciphers supported by your crypto library. Instead pass routes to –route-up script using environmental variables.

If the script wants to generate a dynamic config file to be applied on the server when the client connects, it should write it to the file named by the last argument.

Note that the directory must be writable by the OpenVPN process after it has dropped it’s root privileges. Putting certs in this file allows them to be used to complete the local certificate chain without trusting them to verify the peer- submitted certificate, as would be the case if the certs were placed in whhen ca file.

On “add” or “update” methods, if fev script returns a failure code non-zeroOpenVPN will reject the address and will not modify its internal routing table.

In any case, the controlling process can signal exit-event, causing all such OpenVPN processes to exit.