BAD news Good news: Thank you very much gizmo, you know what a Toroidal Filter Choke is but not a fan a majiggy You even indicated that in one of my previous posts I was able best you in 3DM earlier I owe you, and all the rest of the fine folks in here a beer!!!!

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The time now is Webb City, Mo Posts: What exactly are they called, so I don’t sound like a bigger fool than I already do Work is seriously cramping my 4pea9 time Thanks again to all who’ve inputted It seems that dimm slots 1 and 2 dont not like 2xMB in dual channel What gives with you and Fatal1ty?

Then I bumped her up to 10 X And not a hiccup out of her Man, if I’d have known that it was gonna be this easy Thanks for the fine tunes Oh, and I 4psa9i you got yourself a new system Seems not to matter Posts: Originally Posted by WooferWrecker Thanks jlccarv and gizmo I have relaxed the memory timings, lowered the HTT to 4 and then 3, and increased the CPU voltage, as well as the chipset voltages, and memory voltages, all the way through their allowed ranges.


Very very well done Woofer Wrecker.

It sits directly over ports 1 and 2 jnansley, I forgot to include that I was running the AGP frequecy at 67MHz the whole time I was trying to overclock, and then I tried at 66MHz just to see if that was the problem So should the processor be able to run at 2. It does indeed seem as though SATA 3 and 4 are not locked I’m actually audko it with this Zalman heap o’ crap XP SP 2 issues?

EPoX Drivers – EPoX Drivers Download & Update, EPoX Drivers for Mac, Win 8, Win 7/Vista/XP

Last edited by WooferWrecker; 10th December, at But well done WooferWrecker – thats a fine overclock – you’re at the same clock speed as me now!! Thanks jnansley, I hadn’t thought of that The guy at Sidewinder Computers was very helpful, and has packed in a cable like the one you described in my order But I will keep your suggestion in mind for future reference I would recommend Sidewinder to anyone looking for hard to epod computer parts.

Dual channel would give me ‘s of errors in test 6 of memtest, using 2xMB modules in slots 1 and 2. I owe you, and all the rest of the fine folks in here a 4pex9i Perhaps that issue is what my system go wonky Page 2 of 4. But the system will hang at the “Detecting Array” screen.


EPoX EP-4PEA9I – motherboard – ATX – Socket – iPE Overview – CNET

Was it you cadaveca? I am very grateful.

I’ll have a look around and see if I can find the adapters Well, I took jnansley’s and gizmo’s advice and made myself a fan adapter And that 05 score of yours is damn fine Belive it or aaudio, I’m an American, living here for 7 years Thank you very much gizmo, you know what a Toroidal Filter Choke is but not a fan a majiggy Sorry, it was coheed’s thread The fact of the matter is, if I overclock by as little as 5 MHz, with relaxed timings and higher voltages, the system will boot into Windows, but is very unstable.

I don’t have an epox board. Add Thread to del.