I will put up a page reflecting using Debian on the mm20 in the near future. Simply emerge prismfirmware and you’re ready to go. As you can see in my xorg. To take advantage of longrun whenever you’re running on battery add this script: You’ll probably notice that the laptop gets very warm while compiling, and ACPI will tell you the processor is at some-odd degrees C.

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I have no idea when this finished, but 10 hours later it was done. There’s a reason they’re there.

Gentoo on a laptop – Elvanör’s Technical Wiki

State of the mm20 in Linux Debian tested as of December On Tuesday 24 AprilAlexander Skwar wrote: Dock the mm20 in the cradle, mount the drive, and chroot into it. SynapticsTouchpad last modified My thanks also to the Fedora project as I used many of their settings to assist in this process, the mm20 is supported wonderfully under FC2, I recommend it to those who don’t want to wait for 3 days to use their mm Now simply just modprobe that sucker in, and you’ve got running wireless.

Framebuffer is working great, you just need to follow the steps provided on this Gentoo Forum howtoand for your vga settings, use the same as mine, found hentoo the grub section. I got a lot of help from this, along with most of my xorg.


Gentoo on a laptop

Run these commands to make the nodes: Comment out any old config for synaptics before toucgpad it with this new config. For finding values you enjoy, try the synclient utility to edit settings on the fly, till you get what you want. And so I’m updating this page to reflect the state of my machine before my switch.

Don’t hesitate to ask me questions, I’m glad to help out, and as often as not learn a thing or two. A fellow mm20 owner was having trouble with his touchpad didn’t rouchpad up at alland it turned out he didn’t have this enabled. You should use the radeon driver.

Also I’m wondering why you would use the synaptics driver at all if you don’t want any of it’s features. Toychpad detailed information see the libinput-list-devices 1 man page.

With that you’ve got udev all set and ready to go. Feel free to emerge longrun and you gdntoo have a working version. On Tuesday 24 April The libinput driver is provided getnoo xserver-xorg-input-libinput.


A few months ago both my server and laptop hard drives crashed. This issue can occur in a variety of situations, but it is most prominent when migrating from evdev to libinput. Please also note that some of the install steps may not be accurate as Gentoo has changed in some areasbut most of this page should be independant of that.

Gentoo on the Sharp mm20

They were nice enough to respond that they use the swsusp2 patch to the kernel. If so, any idea what I’m doing wrong? Bootstrapping took more than 3 hours.

This can of course be omitted. I hope this is usefull, I’m going to submit it otuchpad portage in a little while, so feedback would be appreciated. Thanks, Alexander Skwar — gentoo-user gentoo. A note from a fellow mm20 user: Sound is still unworking in 2.

Works like a charm. Not sure if this is just a mistake in what you pasted or if it’s the actual cause News 08 May