Scans thick medium up to Prices and offers are subject to change without notice. This enables the values to be entered directly from the keyboard to restore the scanner to its previous status if adjustment fails. To load a medium using the ITA feature while automatically detecting its thickness, first press the ITA button to activate the function. This chart is used for the manual sensor stitch adjustment, the feed distance adjustment and the scanning start position adjustment. Cleaning The Document Hold-down Unit 5. Features of CIS method Sharp image scanning All models provide dpi optical resolution and dpi interpolated resolution allowing high-resolution and high-quality scanning.

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Icon 10 Select “Adjust Scanner” Mylar sheet Guaranteed precision conditions: All Graphtec scanners currently use the CIS sensor system, ensuring sharp, crisp and clear image reproduction.

Click the “Scan” button. Calculators and Digital Measuring Tools. Guaranteed scanning precision range: Hijet Indoor NEW!!!

E Irvine, CA info plotters. Adjustments Using The Software In addition, Graphtec is the first company to introduce Contact Array Sensor technology for accurate, high-resolution scanning. Position the color correction sheet so that the red bar in the center of the sheet is centered in the scanner graphtev with the printed side down.


Glass: Graphtec IS and CS Series 42″ Scan Glass

The calibration procedure will take some time. Cleaning The Image Sensors 5. This does not indicate a defect. List Of Jigs And Tools 7. Click css510 Finish button. Click the OK button. Graphtec scanners provide stunning high-resolution images compared to other products in the market.

M3L6 binding head screw 4 Disconnect all the connectors on the power board. Sensor stitch alignment 4. Press the scanner Scan key on the main body to enable continuous scanning. If fraphtec start point of the scanning is within the top center area as shown below, it does not require offset adjustment.

This enables the values to be entered directly from the keyboard to restore the scanner to its previous status if adjustment fails. Part Names And Functions 2.


Lights when the scanner is turned and remains lit while it is operating normally. Black and White “Scan Settings” Clean the image sensors. The IS Series scanners are capable of scanning in grayscale shades.


Thick medium can be securely held to guarantee correct feeding, resulting in accurate scanning. Small Format Ink and Toner. This function lets you confirm which part of the image to display. Scanning start position adjustment 5.

Preparing Adjustment Charts Sliding document guides ensure easy alignment, and an automatic de-skew function is provided for precision scanning. Page of Go. Control Panel Sheet Switch 8. Gralhtec scanner name displayed in the windows is the name of the scanner connected to the computer CS 11eN is used in this section.