The power light has not been on since this happened. No dashes were missing. Eger on Apr 4, at Paper feeds ok and still prints well, but is something about to happen? Go to this web page if you need installation instructions. In plain mode, I had doubled the number of white dot rows I had previously seen in premium mode. After right clicking the printer you need to click “printing preferences” instead of properties, and there lies the option to disable color printing and it works.

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I already have a replacement and I’m about to do more damage. Thank you for any help, Alfred. I ran a couple of draft mode sheets and see banding.

Eger on Apr 17, at 4: My HP C setup disk is in storage and is not available.

HP Deskjet 722c

I have the same question This started when I got a new computer with Windows XP. Once I got the cover off, Bert’s instructions were pretty straight forward, except that the service station needed a bit of wiggling before it decided to break loose. It might have required inserting the secondary color cartridge in place of the black one to achieve the subtle tone variations I can get with the C.

Finally, I happened to run an interesting comparison with my newer HP I’m guessing that they are a repeated missed ink jet feed from a lack of one electrical signal. DNA, There is no microswitch, there is an optical sensor, the other end of the reskjet part is a flag that moves in and out of the switch.


Widows Doesn’t Recognize HP Deskjet 722c Printer

Fortunately I stock the sponges used in those service stations, it makes life simpler. However, clicking file when on the internet I cannot turn off the color management control which hands it over to the host. If you are looking to buy this for printing photos, buy new. I didn’t install the driver myself. The hp c is a great low price printer that prints and prints pictures very well. Eger on Jan 21, at 8: Even new cartridges can be defective. I hope you can follow what my problem is and what I am trying to say here.

This is the first thing I do when installing a new ink cartridge.

It looks like I’m going to have printe tear this baby apart. I got my volt-ohm meter out to be sure that the power supply was still putting out the DC and it is.

Drivers for HP Deskjet c Printers for Windows XP

Turn off the printer and disconnect the power cable, restart the computer, and then reconnect the printer power cable. The Deskjet c driver available through Windows Update works fine for the Deskjet c. Your solution worked like a charm!!! Message 3 of 3. There were a few questionable, but I’m not sure whether they were intended as contacts or not.


Did this solve your problem? EXE extension on the file and run it. Stephen had recommended that I obtain a silicone based grease for the service station. Easy Driver Pro does not sell or charge for drivers.

HP Deskjet c | FixYourOwnPrinter

The printer works very well for the age of it so as long as I have a c hp printer working that will probably keep me from spending a lot of money on an upgraded computer. If you are using a 64 bit version of Windows 7 you will need to apply the patch available here. Failing that, out comes the isopropyl alcohol and I again deksjet the ink jets.

To the naked eye, the letters just don’t look crisp. In reading the comments from everyone, I was left with the impression that the driver or drivers they found gave them problems.