Won’t take long, as one of the cars is in a testbed mobo that’s spread out on the bench. Thought this may help some people out. I assume it’s on the net somewehre, as I’ve already looked up thei site to figure out what those jumpers on my no-name board are for no no avail I might add: So, just for grins and giggles, I got out two of the new drives and plugged them in, one set as master on each channel. I add the ‘bad sector’ drive.

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I do not know if re-flashing the BIOS will work in your case, but it is worth a try. BTW, something I thought of today and tried out: Sign in Already have an account?

Now the fun imagd I added a floppy drive to the testbed, and inserted a bootable disk. Ditto with one drive attached. After those things are placed onto the floppy, dil to the floppy and assuming you have made a Windows ME boot disk, Win2k and WinXP create a WinME version boot disk as Microsoft has not updated the boot disk since, so it will be the same thingtype:.


Posted June 9, Bottom line, you fixed it and learned something new from the whole experience! I blew off the rest of the afternoon, and took advantage of the near perfect weather here in Twin Mountain to ‘Take a Hike!

I wish you luck in your pursuit!

I can see the flash tab if I turn off the card through System manager but it is greyed out. One problem I have with my addon card is the fact that I cannot flash it through the control software in the configuration pannel.

Vesalia Online – PCI 2xIDE RAID Controller (SiI )

I am running the latest firmware and driver. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. The flashing procedure may take up to as long as 10 min. Won’t take long, as one of the cars is in a testbed mobo that’s spread out on the bench.

CMD Silicon Image SIL 0680 2 Channel Ultra Ata133 PCI IDE RAID Card

Wow, again Silicon Image did it again! Go here and go:. I add the ‘bad sector’ drive.

You have half and hour to edit an existing one. Every time I try to do it, it states cannot open file. Sucks that you got the non-flash version, sorry to hear about that.


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Oh, well, I got the ctlrs for cheap, so it’s the exposition of the another old adage: Anyway, I am glad you were able to fix it. Posted June 12, But all drives were recognized during the SiI start-up screen.

Post back to let me know how it goes! But as a rule of thumb, never use untested things with broken things. Posted 00680 29, Also please try to use one post.

I had a mirrored set!

The supplied documentation for the ctlr was sparse, which is to be expected thes days – a fold-out broadsheet and a CD, along with cryptic instructions.

Below are the downloads required to re-flash your controller. Sign in with Google. It turned out that the motherboard bios was also triggered 06880 F3 during its post sequence to select boot devices. I am sorry to hear that.