So what should I do? Will this be the solution: I have to force a new boot by switching off the system. I’m going to cover these one at a time as best I can. Torsten cxxx Chipset Support Developer Joined: MSI does not read these threads or this forum period, this is a user to user forum only.

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What are you using?

I’ve seen this hundereds of times with other software. If you don’t install prior to other software, sometimes the software doesn’t like to install.

msipvs [email protected] tv tuner windows 7 driver

Even when I follow the directions on the forum, I get the same problem. What codec do you suggest me to use?

Hi, I’ve tried everything in this post as well as work arounds listed in other topics on these forums and my TV nywhere Master card still crashes with just about every software package I’ve tried except Windows movie maker which I don’t want to use.

This process msipve downgraded my version of Win to SP4 without any subsequent updates. I mean I wouldn’t schedule a recording at the same time my anti-virus or something else is set to update.


Please don’t hijack this thread for your own purpose. Home Help Search Login Register. Well, I set my settings to record with full screen it was set on half screen and it helped me, but when I tried some of the codecs listed in video compression DScaler blocked become nonresponding program. I would suggest that if msivps have any other video editing software do not install WinProducer at all.

Various PCI slots nothing worked, we all got the same error with the same driver. I never even got to the part where I can configuring PVS.

Problem with MSIPVS – VideoHelp Forum

So what should I do? Wed Apr 20, 1: Display posts from previous: Please log in to reply. Please don’t make me lock this down. And there are all sorts of weirdness – you never know what settings will “stick” from one time to the next. That was one problem I’ve instalk recently as I reinstalled my system again.

How can I solve that? I seems to be functioning well for now.

Edited by Klinkaroo, 13 March – I’m going to cover these one at a time as best I can. There were a bunch of other ones that I wrote just in case typed them in and it was also invalid.


Posted 13 March – I also reinstalled directX 9. Yes, I would also like to hear the answer to that The device could only find few channels Thanks for the help.

I watch something, then I change channels for example 5 times and then the sound crash – I can only hear: Didn’t see that number there I did not instal winproducer again Still the same problem, after switching a few TV channels the system freezes.

I always keep my computer boxes for a year but threw them out last week you have them take up space and when you throw stuff out then you realise you need it. Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers.