Post this in a new thread under other hardware. All times are GMT Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. All times are GMT Your power supply is watts so if you want a fast video card, you would also have to replace the power supply. I know, I’m pretty new to all this junk, but

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Your upgrade options are quite limited for this machine, it would be able to play older much games, newer games wouldn’t be able to run if the minimum specs aren’t very low.

Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit My System. My advice is to upgrade before purchasing a graphics card as you are limited in many ways with this computer.

If your case is small form factor, that can also be a rather large or not large with SFF cases problem. If you decide to get one of those, use the exact link I gave up above or post the link to what you want to get.

I’d really appreciate it if you could Current Temperatures Take II. Secondly as i said there is probably no room to upgrade due to the low power of your PSU. The time now is In the future when I purchase a new computer, would I be able to use the videocard on that as well?


I know, I’m pretty new to all this junk, but If it was me taking into account I’m an experienced computer geekI would get the Pro and just cross my fingers that the power supply could handle it. As a side note, are videocards reusable? Any half decent video card will most likely also require a new power supply. Copyright -Tech Support Forum. Retail stores rarely carry this kind of hardware. Just about any video card even a cheap one is going to be a big step up from an Intel I’m looking for any recommendations for a low cost video card.

[SOLVED] Intel 82845G graphics controller

An Intel is not a very good graphics controller. Here’s a link to your computer at hp – https: Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links.

And how much does it cost to put it into my CPU. Do you have any suggestions on a nice, solid computer that’ll last me a while and is compatible with video card upgrades and the like?


[SOLVED] Intel G graphics controller – Tech Support Forum

I’m having 82845g/gl/ge/ppe/gv same problem that sagsd did, but I just want to know whether or not the advice you gave him would be able to help me as well. Now I have a problem. I x decided it’s not worth upgrading. If you are going to upgrade anytime soon, wait on buying a graphics card as this will be a waste of money on this machine, and possibly not available to you anyway.

Thanks for your help. Thanks, in advance, for your help. Compaq Presario System Model: Current Temperatures Take II. That’s absolutely great news! All times are GMT Your help would be most grateful.

You have to be careful to get the exact right model otherwise you can end up with a intek which appears the same but is much slower. PM me when you have done this.