Posted September 3, What do you mean by “injecting the right driver”? Posted August 31, edited. The Internet community is engrossed in a lively debate about the upcoming release of two new Richland desktop processors from AMD. Don’t use any overclocking BIOS settings.

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The list of all basic specifications is given below: I have found a definite answer to my original question After searching through a lot of maybe not-so-related topics!

However i came with a problem and im hoping that you’ll be able to solve it. Posted September 1, The Internet community is engrossed in a lively debate about the upcoming release of two new Richland desktop processors from AMD.

Downloads for Chipsets

Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Facebook. I’m unable to install the latest Intel Rapid Storage Technology drivers, as the installer keeps giving the “Your computer does not meet the jntel requirements” message.

The textmode driver integration is the better option. Test and Debug 1 – 2B4C. But Intel rapid storage only install if your motherboard support raid. And to inject the sata driver offline inside XP, i would use the second link Jaclaz provided.


Downloads for Intel® Rapid Storage Technology (Intel® RST)

I need to install XP on this. Edited September 3, by sp Search for drivers by ID or device name Known devices: So you should not try to load F6 or to integrate any Intel textmode driver, when you are going to install Windows XP. Fernando My current System: Or sign in with one of these services.

Well, I’m still fine with living with old drivers Which I’m sure that anyone of us who is computer literate won’t do if that error was caused by OEM hardware Hello Fernando I downloaded your driver for the intel 8-series and tried to install it via ‘F6’ in a Windows XP installation.

Thank you for your help man, It’s a good guide. The RST setup program won’t allow that to happen.

Driver download

wata However, along with high performance, Richland processors are rather power-efficient; this makes them an ideal choice for home-based and corporate-class PC platforms. But if it’s not, then this is not the place to continue my search. Sat Dec 14, 4: SIF within the i directory!


I managed to install win 7 but cannot install xp. I should probably mention that my goal was to lntel this system to have updated SATA drivers, if possible. The company has not made any official claims yet, however MSI marked the pair as an appropriate match for some of its new motherboards.

Tried to shrink one volume to 11gb – didn’t help. The use of ad-blocking software hurts the site. As for the announced models, their specifications are …. Even though i don’t understand so much about all this!

Downloads for Intel® NM10 Express Chipset

If you want to satx your bios to ahci mode you’ll need to inject the right drivergo in your bios, then in main go to ide configuration and set to it enhanced the manual isn’t very clear.

The setup regonized the drivers but didnt use them. Once more I try to ask you: