Complete scan tool set with everything shown in the pictures. For most manufacturers, you can access this information for free, although you may have to read the fine print to find where they hide their information. What is J and J? This application also includes a user interface where choices can be made depending on the ECU and what action to perform. A vehicle repair workshop that wants to analyze and re-program vehicles from different manufactures must have an API for each. This is different from a battery charger. Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date.

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The J API consists of a number of functions for communication which must be supported by both hardware tool and vehicle manufacturer application. Vehicle Healthcheck Let AssistPlus check your vehicles to ensure they are ready for Pass-Thru before connecting to the manufacturer’s subscription service. This can create EMI electromagnetic interference.

Make sure your computer is fully charged if using a laptopor plug it in to an AC source.

Introduction to SAE J (Pass through) – Automotive Technology

This pass-thru device translates messages sent from the PC into messages of the protocol being used in the vehicle ECU. It is important that the developer of the firmware in the hardware tool follows the API and name the functions exactly as in the J description.

We have compiled some basic information on training and getting started from our experience:. Drew Technologies has conducted various training seminars on getting started with re-flashing. The first command that is sent is the PassThruConnect which establish the connection between the PC application and the J hardware tool.


Vehicle diagnostics, key programming and key learning software

The intention is that every J tool should to be capable of communicating with all protocols supported by the J standard. Also shop in Also shop in.

Depending on the pass-thru device manufacturer, you may be able to reprogram other modules. You may also like. The purpose is that only one tool ;assthru deviceoften referred to as the pass-thru device, should be needed for all kind of ECUs.

This will decrease the messages needed to be sent between the hardware tool and the PC.

J2534 Programming: What You Need To Do It Yourself

How do you know for sure that they programmed the computer? A maintainer sustains output voltage levels regardless of load changes. Before any messages can be sent an initialization has to be passtbru, PassThruIoctl, where parameters like node address, baud rate or protocol specific parameters are set.

The J hardware interface should have enough memory to buffer 4Kb of transmit messages and 4Kb of received messages. Introduction J is a concept that enables flash programming of an emission related ECU regardless of the communication protocol that passtru used by the ECU.

J and J compliant device driver.

Because of the success and ease of J some manufacturers have now begun to offer factory diagnostics as well as reprogramming capabilities. If their vehicles only use i. All of this comes free for the life of the tool. Pwssthru continue to deal with the question of whether the computer needs to be programmed, reset, or replaced.


Gears Magazine | J Programming: What You Need To Do It Yourself

Technicians exploring J will find that it’s a technology that is not only growing, but becoming essential. And keep all high current equipment and electric motors passthur from the area while programming. The most common protocol is CAN, but there are other protocols. Your PC is not under the control of Autologic Diagnostics at any stage.

PassThruDisconnect Terminate a connection with a protocol channel. High-speed Internet connection is highly j22534. Add new skills into your repair shop to expand your services. If an OEM cannot retroactively implement the J pass-through reprogramming solution with or without special cables, they must make available to equipment and tool companies any information needed to develop aftermarket equivalents of their OEM-specific reprogramming hardware and software.

ISOno other protocols have to be supported by the application. Before you begin programming, connect your battery maintainer to your vehicle battery.

Our company was founded infocusing passyhru automotive electronics. Enhancing your Pass-Thru experience with Autologic Remote Control Our Assist Pass-Thru expert technicians walk you through the process using vehicles in your repair shop.