It did that a couple times untill it stopoed working completely. I charged the battery again and hooked it up to the power cord and it wont power up or ejectthe tape. I have a DVM80U that constantly flashes the head cleaning message. If someone know how to fix it will you please e-mail me. I now have the most expensive web-cam going. So now it works I have had no problems for about 8 months although I have rarely used it.

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And about a month ago I tried to put a tape in and it said “Safeguard”.

Another while sailing and I guess salt water got into it. You can’t tell those kids or humming birds wait a few minutes while I take my battery off the camera and hope it will work when I put it back on.

I noticed a change in sound when loading tapes, also it has destroyed 2 tapes. It developed the same problems by May. I am acutally going to take it apart tonight and see how it ticks. Why then would you want to put the cheapest quality tapes in your expensive equipment? It is always giving me the E error. Stupid camera, its like its a diff format or something. How can this be resolved. This is the first and only JVC product I’ve owned and possibly the last.


These cameras mine at least seem to be tempermental little bitches. Means more research – but will buy something other than JVC.

Warning About JVC Camcorders | Photography Forums

I am available to assist anyone who wants the truth on what they are experiencing, troubleshooting if applicable and options that are available. If it mvc you guys feel any better, i didn’t even have the chance to use mine once, not once. First let me tell you that I teach underwater videography and areobatics photography and put the JVC Cameras thru things you would never dream of.

Please enter up to 7 characters for the postcode. In the event of a malfunction the unit will shut down and display a code. Ask a question – opens in a new window or tab.

Of course as soon as i tried it E03 reappeared. Thanks — KennyMay 27, Before this camera, I had a Panasonic AG S-VHS full size camera that I also did the same kinds of things with, and it would have to go into the shop at least once a year for repair. So the dealer gave me a new one and now it’s working perfectly If Eor E- 04 is displayed it may be possible to correct the problem by removing the tape slack.


Also it got to where it would not eject a tape. I have bought my DVP7 camcorder in february and in april it broke with an insulting E03 error message Had “Use Cleaning Cassette” error message about 3 months into ownership.

JVC GR-DVL120 Camcorder – Silver

Posted on Jan 21, Never mind what brand tape you use. I have the same error with my DVM Is there not a Lawyer among us? The moisture can build in a jvd with metal parts. Most of the models listed on this site are to model or earlier model camcorders. Pure Digital Flip Video Ultra What a piece of crap!! Regards, Matej — MatejAugust 24,