Solution A total of 48 boxes can be programmed with a range of from to This issue is with Microsoft Excel and not related to the IP print drivers. Press Config Data and then press OK. Borders and frames around icons and panes within the driver UI may not show up correctly. The appropriate item number can then be ordered when the equipment order is processed. Once an address is added to the list, only those addresses on the list have access to print channel and HTML pages.

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If there are any subkeys other than the subkeys that are listed in step 10, follow these steps: Using Print Guide, browse to the EasyCom. Signature level not set between 0 – 2.

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Chapter 4 Control Panel Setup Press the kinica key, which is displayed on the touchscreen. The latest version system software, print drivers, firmware and utilities are available on the Konica FTP site.

This will eliminate the need for NSSG to have a copy of the specific application and will save time trying to determine how the document is supposed to be formatted for printing.

For manual installation, turn it “off” by clicking.


Konica Minolta IP-511 Manuals

At the command line execute the following command string: Power down the system with the main power switch in the left rear of the copier. There is one additional slot for memory which can be expanded to a maximum of MB. Please read this manual before konics.

An irregularity with the Visual driver version 7.

Konica Minolta IP Driver – Free Download |

As additional Scan Errors occur, the oldest Scan Error will be deleted. Check that the printing system is selected as a current printer. The installed LPR ports will be displayed on the right of the window.

After each install, wait for the print server to become ready before sending the next microcode. Replace HD Item if necessary.

Upon selecting file and print of the selected document, select Properties for the Konica Minolta driver and then select the PostScript tab. In order to use the fold and stitch option with booklet mode selected, a PI post inserter is 5511. At the Key Operator screen, touch the down arrow which is located at the bottom left corner of the touchscreen then touch [1] System Initial Setting. When adding a model using Network Search.

Base Code S80 15x. The printing system will determine on its own if ‘R’ oriented paper is required.

The collate option is not checked in the application Print dialog box. The IP system code has become corrupt. With the Word document open, click [File] on the menu line and highlight, then click on [Page Setup This scenario will occur across the board for printer manufacturers.


Appendix A-6 Checking on Non complete job Be sure to set the language back to PCL5 before uploading the changes to the print server.

Solution System code is loaded on the IP through the parallel port. Number of inches on the page minus a half-inch margin divided by the desired number of lines per page times If doubtful about being able to navigate files using a system editor, please refrain from performing these steps until all questions have been answered by an expert.

Page 10 Notation of folders Folders are referred to in upper-to-lower sequence. Wait for a configuration page to print. The network location for the machine is in a hidden subnet with specific routing rules applied based on the MAC hardware address of the NIC.