View all comments by P. I followed Pascal Walter’s step-by-step guide and all seems to work slcan0 is there and i can bind 2 , except I never actually receive anything only outgoing messages are visible in candump and Wireshark. But this would make it visible: Hi, I followed your steps, but i m not able to read the data in termninal after giving command as “candump slcan0” Please help me with this. X or Windows

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We have updated this post with some new information as well, see bottom of this post. Introduction to drivers and what is needed: There is no activity on the CAN bus.

Socket-CAN Users – Userspace Lawicel “CANUSB” device via libftdi

Sorry for the typo previously I guess socketcan binds ttyUSBx to slcanx. Since we are using the VCP driver, we are using slcan.

It is working fine except the automatic plug. Interestingly, I can just plug the two together R in the middle. Latest Comments By P.

Hi, I followed your steps, but i m not able to read the data in termninal after giving command as “candump slcan0” Please help me with this.


This is a 32bit application and will not work together with the 64bit driver DLL package! First create a new udev rule: Free forum by Nabble. Maybe i need to cook a real patch for the slcan driver to let Alan Cox take a look on it with some attached kernel oopses – or we need to investigate how the pppd does his job when switching the line discipline to the slip0 and back Januar um However the automation process described from step 7 doesn’t work for me.

Userspace Lawicel “CANUSB” device via libftdi

It’s time to use it for analysing the can module. No old documents found.

View all comments by P. Our test PC is using Windows 8. Post as a guest Name.

Unsure how to run cmd as an Administrator, check this post. This project is made by us and it is our cznusb program written in Cit comes with full source code and you are free to use it, change it and build your own programs based on the code as long as you use it with our products.


can_interfaces:main – CAN Wiki

We will not send off drivers to be signed at Microsoft each time FTDI releases a new driver, it will be a costy procedure for us. How to install unsigned drivers in Windows 8. Below is original post from January 28th Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

Two types of device drivers for CAN lniux in linux: Load the kernel modules we need for CAN. April um November um Check slcan for functionality again: Visit Linux Guide guide is on external server. The process of the input stream is quite easy to understand and looks really solid to me.

You should immediately see it on candump. You should see CAN messages now. Check with 3rd party companies.