If the product can be repaired Sunsetmicro. Freight items usually have a cuttoff at around 3: We only accept PayPal. If you have a special shipping need please contact us, we will do all possible to assist. The Fed Ex office is about a mile away and we do use them for late shipping air orders.

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We ship product daily using most of the major shipping names and forms.

LNEPCI2 Linksys PCI Ethernet 10base-t Rj45 and Coax

If defective product is not received back by Sunsetmicro. We use many different freight carriers depending on the service offered and cost.

Combp shipments can involve many cost factors like your zip code, if the freight is going residential or business, if you will require a tailgate, if you have a 4 foot high loading dock, and if you would like indoor delivery. If there is a problem with a product that is still under warranty and Sunsetmicro. If a shipment is received damaged the customer needs to contact Sunsetmicro.

If a product has been returned to Sunsetmicro. Most printers go to the refurbishing process after the order is made.

LNEPCI2 Linksys PCI Ethernet 10base-t Rj45 and Coax | eBay

What does the Warranty Cover? If the replacement printer needs to be expedited it will be at the customers expense. Buyer will receive any of the compatible part numbers or manufacturers listed above which will work with your current Computer.


All DOA Claims must be filed within 5 days of receipt. Once the claim is determined to be valid the following policy applies: Also, have the product shipped back if needed within a time frame of no more than 10business days or the RMA will no longer be available.

Linksys Combo EtherPCI LAN II bit Network Adapter Card 10mb Lnepci2 | eBay

Boxing, packing, labor, oversize box fees, heavyweight fees, fuel surcharges and the sometimes biyearly price increases from the shipping carriers. Item comes as shown. This fee will be collected upfront before work on the order begins. Please remember these are semi truck drivers not delivery people. Once a warranty claim has been initiated the customer is responsible to provide Sunsetmicro.

Products evidencing the product serial number has been tampered with or removed; misuse, neglect, and improper handling; damage caused by undue physical, temperature, or electrical stress; counterfeit products; damage or loss of data caused by a computer virus, worm, Trojan horse, or memory content corruption; failures of the product which result from accident, abuse, misuse including but not limited to improper installation, connection to incorrect voltages, and power points ; failures caused by products not supplied by Sunsetmicro.

Sold in the USA.

EtherPCI LAN Card II (Combo)

If the product cannot be fixed the customer will have to purchase a replacement and Sunsetmicro. Please keep in mind? Costs to ship goods are inclusive of all associated costs. The customer will be responsible to ship the defective back to Sunsetmicro.


All items returned to Sunsetmicro. The customer is responsible for ALL shipping charges. Freight items usually have a cuttoff at around 3: If the customer wants to return the item for credit, the item will be shipped back to Sunsetmicro.

For a smaller packages, we use USPS. If the DOA is not valid and the customer still wants a credit they will be responsible for any shipping charges accrued on behalf of Sunsetmicro. The shipping company is responsible for crediting back the lnepcl2 charges to the account the product was shipped on.

There is no warranty on any AS-IS condition item s. If you have a special shipping need please contact us, we will do all possible to assist. You will find at our store most of all well lenpci2 and most reliable and popular brands on the markets.

Either you are looking for computer, computer components or LCD, We have them all at the lowest prices possible. We only accept PayPal.