I will attach full output from serial console. If not, please report a bug with workaround if known. I’ll try to find some time to do this, but Pierre, if you’re already prepared for this, by all means ;. We seen on output full output attached: The kernel generated too much logs for IPMI serial console which generated too much garbage , so I switched to a real serial console and at kbauds.

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There is a GUI tool 3dm2 accessible via browser used for management and monitoring daemon that configures the RAID, monitors the disk status and sends mail on failure.

Visit the following links: Bellow the result are from kernel compiled by myself]. I’ll try to find some time to do this, but Pierre, 1068d you’re already prepared for this, by all means.

I must update this patch. Ubuntu Foundations Team Bug Bot crichton on They hope these examples will help you to get a better understanding of the Linux system and that you feel encouraged to try out things on your own.


Linux and Hardware RAID: an administrator’s summary

The result are the following: Debian kernel freezes rejected IO to offline devices in case array becomes downgraded ie one disk failed.

Did the bisect specifically tell you that commit 8ceafbfa91ffbdb b2afaea5c24ccb5 19ffb8b was the first bad commit? I’ll prepare a patch for this and submit it to lso shortly.

September 29th, 5. Running mpt-status without any parameters will give you the same output example as above. Logs when running kernel from comment 56 Edit Sign up using Email and Password. BIOS upgrade from a Linux system. If i can deboan for something tell me, but I don’t know kernel and can’t do debuging of it by myself. Pressing control-D resume normal boot So the issue is that with the mandatory rootdelay greater that 30 default value I thinkthe disk are not detected due to the error shown above.

Tested with Linux 3. If such information is easily available, monitoring lsii can be written to detect and report failures.

I built the first test kernel, up to the following commit: I’ve attached the diff lwi printk I’ve added. With few hopes, I’ve tried the latest kernel from: That matches your bisection result because commit ee changed to return to the caller when the caller received SIGKILL in order to allow the OOM killer to kill the process waiting for kthreadd to create a kernel thread.


July 2nd, Serial console capture attached under name “serial- capture- default- buffer.

Are you new to LinuxQuestions. Ideally by serial number on disk and not just physical cable connected to. AndyN 1, 10 Is there a way to show the serial numbers of disks through the lsiutil command line utility or otherwise?

Can you confirm the bug does not exists in the 3. Hosting provided by Metropolitan Area Network Darmstadt. It is NOT working, it has the issue.

LinuxRaidForAdmins – Debian Wiki

An opensource monitoring software exists, as well as a proprietary management tool called lsiutil. Supported Supported by Linux kernel? I read this thread. Intel Psi Unknown device Flags: