Toshiba Win 98 Driver – Version 3. The SV92P is a good Softmodem: Ask us a new question about: The most recent drivers at Modemsite support Windows XP and Vista older drivers will support older operating systems. To disable, edit the. You are currently logged in as a guest. These modems will support Modem-on-hold with the 1.

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In addition to V.

These items have the same guarantees as full-price products. The drivers available from Lucnet are designed to support the modem for data and fax. There is also a version for Notebook computers covered on this page.

Lucent Technologies Modem Drivers | DriverZone

The actual driver – a. AddReg] section; save, then re-install modem: Note, while the core driver file. This card is perfect for home and office use and is compatible with all versions of Windows. Nevermind Submit My Request. Winsows2000 will give you a call as soon as a representative becomes available.

However, Olive Essert from Belgium sends feedback to Modemsite indicating that the Linux driver from Smartlink’s website slmodem In my opinion, modems using the electro-mechanical design are more reliable; however, the solid-state DAA design is less expensive, and provides type-1 caller id.


PCI versions may use the Mercury C codec. I think the Agere Softmodem may be the best softmodem design available today – the load placed on your system in any softmodem design depends largely on how efficient the driver is. The original chip in the series was the same size and format as Agere’s C DSP modem chip, and allowed modem manufacturers to build modems using either chip with everything else being exactly the same. A single Windows driver a.

Lucent AMR Soft Modem

The drivers and MoH applet for V. Driver updates may 556k be available from Microsoft’s Windows Update. FSF has sued a number of companies over such issues.

If you have any additional information or experience with this modem, please let me know! To disable, edit the. Both designs support type-2 caller id. The place to find device driver updates.

Modemsite’s Who Made my Modem page may help you determine your modem oucent and locate a driver; or, you can download the latest driver from Modemsite. I highly recommend them. Microsoft does not support the V. This modem card gives you a 56 Kbps internet connection via an available PCI slot on your desktop computer.


Read our privacy policy. Microsoft KB Q states in part that your modem ” Since then, additional versions and improvements have been made in both the hardware chips and software windows2000 to further increase reliability and performance and at the same time reducing cost.

The performance speed of any softmodem depends largely on how good the driver is as well. We will never share your personal information with third parties. Your email will not be publicly posted. Thank you for submitting your review! The most recent drivers at Modemsite support Windows XP and Vista older drivers will support older operating systems.

If you leave your info and details about your request, we will get the right person to call you back as soon as we can.