EH complete Jan 25 Andrew’s Phantom Function theory seems like a good direction to explore. So I guess the devices that has the error may be using a context entry with present bit 0. Various revisions have been sent to LKML and IOMMU-list in the past and a number of people have reported that it solved their problem and I’ve been running this on two boxes for months. Since the function number is part of the requester-id used to locate the context-entry for processing a DMA request, when assigning PCI Express devices with phantom functions enabled, software must program multiple context entries, each corresponding to the PhFN enabled for use by the device function. Comment 61 daxcore

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December 6th, 3. This suggests the hardware might be using a DMA read as a ways to flush previous transactions, effectively a bus synchronization.

Comment 10 Daniel Mayer This is why I am putting this out there to see centoos other have had similar issues and could provide more info to ASRock. If a kernel upgrade to 3. Want to know if that peripheral is compatible with Linux?


All times are GMT I’ll keep posting improvements when I can. Comment 54 Alex Williamson Comment 64 Andrew Cooks Marvell homepage only shows the driver for Windows, not for linux. This is what my kern. Can anybody confirm that the Marvell 88SE91xx cards are not compatible with linux? Can you share your.

SATA Controllers

Could your problem be the same? In any case, it should probably be handled in a separate bug. Thanks for reporting it. I tried a couple of tests to centox a little more insight into this issue: R4D4R, it is great Asrock replied you.

What errors do you get on stock upstream?

I’m actually not a member of your community: After installing XenServer 6. I am on BIOS 1.

Andrew’s Phantom Function theory seems like a good direction to explore. Setting identity map for device Did you use the controller to boot the kernel? Comment 89 Kayvan Javid Show Obsolete 4 View All Add an attachment 88ze9172 patch, testcase, etc. Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct.


I have mine running for couple of weeks now using Centos ZFS with 5 of the 6 Marvel sata ports without issue.


December 6th, 4. Send it to linux-ide vger. I had tried installing from CD but didn’t work for me. I switched to using badblocks instead of dd because it was able to write just as fast and did not cause kswap0 to use a lot of CPU like dd did and in addition it did verification of the writes takes a looonnnnggg time with 3TB drives. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have marvekl and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

So it seems that: Thanks Comment 51 Joshua Scoggins